Get Your Movie Star Look With Centro

Hollywood movie often gives inspiring ideas for fashion. Who doesn’t love to see Sarah Jessica Parker‘s wardrobe in Sex in The City or Isla Fisher in Confession Of A Shopaholic? Those icons of fashionable movies were just some of the style that werebrought to runway by Centro department store. Stylish characters from recently released movie such as The Tourist were also adapted.

In Centro Fashion Festival 2011: Get The Movie Star Look, Centro successfully translated those movie wardrobes with the items available in its department store. P.S., Urban Twist, Uptown Girl, Korz, The Executive, Body & Soul and Ciel are among the brands that created those movie star looks in the Centro way. Some properties were also brought to the runway to strengthen the movie characters that were being depicted such as coffee tumblers, shopping bags and cocktail glasses.

Chic working woman style¬† as in The Devil Wears Prada (left photo) and Confession of A Shopaholic ‘s Rebecca Bloomwood look-a-like in colorful attire (right photo)


Both looks on the pictures above resemble Angelina Jolie’s wardrobe in The Tourist.

Carrie Bradshaw mingling in a cocktail party is portrayed through the attires on the above photos.

A movie won’t be complete without the eye candy. That’s why Centro also presented male characters from the movie such as The Devil Wears Prada (left photo) and from Burlesque (right photo).

Now tell us what you think, which movie character looks have you tried to recreate?