Warehouse Design for the High Street

Romantic and flirty like a summer holiday, yet bold with a stronghold of chic. The whole Spring/Summer 2011 collection from Warehouse which was shown at the opening of their boutique at Senayan City, Ground Floor clearly delivered the message that their style is all about attitude and not your age.

We might be familiar with Warehouse for couple of years now, if not from the wonders of online shopping then it must be from their counter located at Debenhams, Senayan City. Now that they have their own store, they offer a more intimate setting in a space which looks like a warehouse with their brick interior. A warehouse that houses stylish clothes!

Warehouse is a UK brand that was first established in 1976 with a vision ‘design for the high street’ to make fashion accessible to all. Their clothes are about personal styling. It’s about how you mix and match each of the pieces to your own liking. Because each piece has their sleek characteristic, when you combine them, they would create something that is different to each and every individual.