Five Beauty Items that We Want to Have Now!

Don’t we all feel thankful that it’s Friday already? We started the weekend early by opening a bottle of wine here at the office but for you who are still stuck at the office, how about opening the latest beauty find? We’ve got five items here to recommend to you. Spring and Summer products always have the brightest colour and never fail to make you drool over them.

  1. Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick in Beach ($38), if you already have one … it’s time to grab another one! Especially if you don’t have a warm tone highlighter. It’s not too brown nor too orangey, just a perfect warm hue to add a touch of summer glow to your blushes or even if you want to wear it on its own it will give a subtle hint of shimmer. Shimmerbrick has got to be one of the best hightlighters out there and every women have to have at least one of this!
  2. Rouge Coco Shine Boy ($32), the Rouge Coco line itself is known to have a very good colour pay off and it’s not drying at all. Imagine the shine one where it will give none other a shine finish with extra hydration that keeps your lips moist all day. This pink hue is just too cute to pass, I would imagine that it will compliment both warm and cool tone because the pink is not too cool. If you ever feel lazy to put on your makeup, this lipstick will be enough to jazz up your look. The shade is not as strong as fuchsia so most people would be able to pull it off.
  3. Hermes Un Jardin Sur le Toit Perfume or translated to ‘A Garden on the Roof’ this fresh scent is inspired by the garden atop the Hermes headquarter. So if you want a scent of the Hermes world, this might just be it. The perfect scent to be used for your afternoon out.
  4. MAC Prep+Prime Highlighters ($23), who doesn’t need a highlighter? It’s the answer to all of our problem including black undereye. Whoever invent this product is a genius! Packed in a click-pen brush that you can easily bring with you anywhere so you can touch up your makeup mid-day, just the kind of thing that I need during this hectic week. Love to use this kind of highlighters to touch up my cheekbone, cupid bow and the inside corner of my eyes during the afternoon. It comes in three different shades; Bright Forecast (peachy coral), Light Boost (light yellow) and Radiant Rose (light pink).
  5. Lancome Color Design in Amethyst Glam ($48), a brilliant combination of purple and lavender palette that comes with a step by step instruction on how to apply it. This palette might just change my mind (for a little while) to mark purple eyes as the look of the season.