Exclusive Bag for Gucci 50th Anniversary in Palm Spring

This year, Gucci is celebrating their 90th Anniversary worldwide, however in Palm Beach it is their 50th anniversary for being at the island. To commemorate their golden year anniversary at the island, Gucci launched an exclusive New Bamboo bag in pale pink leather and a scarf that portray their former boutique at Via Gucci in Plam Spring before relocating to a newer space in 150 Worth.

Arlette Gordon, who have been a longtime local client of Gucci instantly order both items. Gordon shared one of her precious memory of how Aldo Gucci was always hands-on in servicing the customer. Gordon is such a big fan of Gucci that she actually has the double-G logo on her dining room ceiling at her home and she recalled how Aldo Gucci humour her that he will sue her for that.

So where is Jakarta in terms of the commemoration of Gucci 90th Anniversary? They’re going to have a celebration at the Grand Indonesia Shopping Town’s boutique tonight, where a black big tent already set from days before. We’re beyond excited waiting for tonight’s celebration. Any chance of an exclusive bag too you think?

We’ll keep you posted on the Gucci 90th Anniversary celebration in Jakarta!

* Source and Image from WWD