Kenzo Pagodon Bag; A South East Asian Inspired

Did you notice the cute bucket-like bag that appeared on the Kenzo fashion show during Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week? Or maybe you’ve been a fanof Kenzo Pagodon bag since years ago? If that’s the case, you must be so happy to be in this exhibition, Kenzo Pagodon Bag Exhibition in Plaza Indonesia.

Let me give you a bit of a background about this bag;  Kenzo stated that “Pagodon was born in Paris, in Spring 1998. Brought to distant cultures, every detail of Pagodon’s design sounds like a travel souvenir. Fixed by nickel ties shaped like a kimono collar, its flexible handle, covered in tightly-spiraled leather strips, evokes the handle of a teapot. The Pagodon’s shape is inspired by South East Asian harvesting baskets. Like a real bundle, it closes with a small rope. With the arrival of Antonio Marras as Kenzo’s a Artistic Director, since the Fall/Winter 2004 Collection,the iconic Pagodon has appeared on the catwalk”.

Designed by Antonio Marras, Pagodon collection is composed of unique pieces exclusively for Plaza Indonesia 21st Anniversay. I really enjoyed the exhibition since each bag had its own characteristic, detail and story; just like one of my favorite Pagodon bags I spotted, red one with huge rose detail. The description below the bag was written “I am a flamenco dancer who swirls my dress to the rhythm of the castanets”. Another bag with black feather details also caught my eyes since it reminded me of Black Swan wardrobe. But that doesn’t mean other bags were less interesting. You’ll be able to decide as you see the photos below.