172. Inside Lita’s Bag

Lita is the Managing Editor of our sister site Mommies Daily. She has been a long time member of Female Daily before she joined The Daily Media office, so you might come across her Today’s Outfit pictures as she’s a regular to that thread. She’s the one that always wore black hijab, but during our #7hari challenge she learnt how to get out from her comfort zone of black hijab and start to venture into a more colourful one. Known as the Rock and Roll Mommy to Langit, a very expressive little girl. Like the rest of us at the office, there are days where she would spend most of her time outside for event or meeting so she carries quite a lot of stuff with her.

The Bag: Eddie Bauer

The Content:

  • Clinique Makeup Pouch
  • Temple Trees invitation
  • Notebok
  • Urban Outfitters Wallet
  • Black multipurpose pouch from MAC with feminine tissue, earphone, nail polish, etc on the inside
  • D&G Light Blue Perfume, one of the perfume that I’ve been wearing since 10 years ago
  • Nuvo hand sanitizer
  • Blackberry and charger
  • Tissue
  • Book, I always carry one all the time. This time around, I’m reading parenting comic Baby Blues.

Apart from this bag, I’ve always carry with me one Fashionese Daily tote bag that carry my lunch box and laptop.