A Tribute to Iwan Tirta

The Retrospective

Don’t be surprised to see the fashion show photos above! You’re still in 2011. Isn’t it nice to recall or get to know the past through a fashion show, especially when it’s dedicated to a legendary designer such as, Iwan Tirta. The photos above were captured at “The Retrospective” fashion show during Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week: Tribute To Iwan Tirta. Almost a year ago the maestro of batik, Iwan Tirta passed away on July 31, 2010, leaving the world of Indonesian fashion with remarkable memories. That’s why “The Retrospective” was held, presenting some of Irwan Tirta’s creations collected by Danny Dahlan, Chossy Latu, Nafsiah Mboi and Inti Subagyo. The attires were brought to the runway by models who were popular during 80’s and often collaborated with the maestro.

Tribute To Irwan Tirta showcased not only “The Retrospective” but also Iwan Tirta (the fashion label) ‘s Spring/Summer collection titled “Flapperwork”. When I received the lookbook of “Flapperwork”, I couldn’t stop wondering how interesting the fashion show would be. Many Indonesian designers had creatively transformed batik into various style, but I’ve never seen them inspired by flapper. Flapper, the 1920’s trend, is one the most glamorous yet timeless styles. When Iwan Trirta combines flapper style and batik, I believe the collection would remain for long time.

Actually, flapper style is identical with sleeveless an straight-cutting dresses but Iwan Tirta modified and modernized the idea by adding silhouette. As example, “Flapperwork” presented dresses that are fitted at the top and get as wide as cage at the skirt, or fitted top with jodhpur. Flapper nuances was strengthen by tassel and fringe details. Even though the fashion show didn’t involved cloche hat nor finger-wave hairstyle that became flapper signature, bold earrings were worn by the models were enough to complete the look.