Wash Your Clothes With the Right Detergent

Do you know that it takes different kind of detergent for different type of washing machine? At the beginning of the month Rinso launched their new variant called Rinso Matic which is a special detergent for your washing machine that will work wonders for stains that can’t easily be cleaned.

According to Indriati Lim, Brand Building Rinso, Unilever Indonesia that each type of washing machine will need different type of detergent in able for it to give the perfect result. According to research that Unilever Indonesia conducted that many washing machine user still cleanse their clothes using their hands first to get rid of stain. Many people think that using washing machine will not get rid of stain on your clothes.

Rinso Matic is formulated with twice as much of  concentrate that can effectively clean stain from your clothes when using washing machine compared to when you use normal detergent. There are two types of Rinso Matic, those for top load machine and the other one is for front load washing machine.

So what’s the difference between the two? Rinso Matic Top Load have high active detergent ingredient that works perfectly to remove stain whereas Rinso Matic Front Load will make less bubble but the concentrate will effectively take away all stain so it works perfectly for front load washing machine.

Remember next time you go buying your detergent for your washing machine, don’t forget to get the correct one. Because not only that the right type of detergent will elongate the lifeline of your washing machine but it will also save the usage of water.