The New Royal Style Icon: Kate Middleton

The news of the royal engagement which broke late last year have made Kate Middleton the future Britain’s next princess. The year 2011 will be the year which Prince William will wed Kate Middleton and speculation still running up until today on who’s going to design Middleton’s wedding. If you want to see the update on the designer for Middleton’s wedding dress UK’s Vogue got the updated information, starting from the very beginning. Since 2001 where she started to be seen with Prince William, many media eyes are already on her.

Kate Middleton slender and tall figures make her looks good in every outfit. She has been named in numerous best-dressed lists because of whatever her the style that she chooses she never fail to impress. be it laid-back in jeans and boots, glamorous in a body hugging feminine evening dress or when she attends official royal event with her tailored dress and eye-catching hat. How many people have you seen can pull of such a drama in their head and not look like a fool?

She has been spotted wearing many British designers. Issa and Mulberry are among of the few designers name that are said to be her favourite. Issa is the designer behind the lovely deep blue dress that she wore during the press announcement on the engagement. She was often spotted with Issa in many events too. Most recently, during her visit to Belfast, Northern Ireland with Prince William she was spotted in a Burberry coat which makes people speculate whether this is a royal nod to the wedding dress. The coat in itself is a classic piece, I must say, which she combined perfectly with opaque black tights and black suede boots.

Though months away from becoming a part of the wealthiest British household, Middleton is still the very same person as she was before. Even though she’s often spotted wearing designer labels but she’s far from being a designer snob. It’s cited by UK’s Glamour that one of her favourite places to shop is TK MAXX which is the UK version of American TJ MAXX, the place where you will find designer’s collection at a bargain price. One of her most memorable moments was when she was spotted with Topshop dress during her 25th birthday.

Kate Middleton in Burberry Coat

It’s very refreshing to see her style and I bet we’re still going to see her for many years to come in the media. After all, fame and glory may fade but not royal title and for as long as she’s having it she will remain in the spotlight. I wouldn’t mind at all seeing her in the media day after day, her style is pleasing to the eye.

What I can’t wait is to see the wedding dress1 For the time being, let’s ogle together the divine engagement ring that was once Princess Di’s, made of white gold, 18 carats diamond and 12 carats oval ceylon sapphire made by British jewelery house Garrand.

Let’s do a collective *sigh* on this one, girls.