In Case of Beauty Emergency

Beauty doesn’t lasts forever, that we’re certainly aware of. But one thing for sure, we don’t want it to vanish far too soon  because of some mistake done by makeup accident.

Here are few tips to save yourself in times of emergency.

  • Cracking foundation: If you’re experiencing this situation, don’t worry this happens to a lot of people. Chances are, you’re either putting your foundation too thick or your skin is too dry to maintain the flawless look of the foundation. To fix this, spray a face mist or dab a little bit of moisturizer in the area of your face that the foundation or powder starts to crack. Remember, use your hand to dab (very lightly) and never tug or drag it as it will result in uneven face base. Afterward with a sponge, tap the area lightly to make the cracking disappear.
  • Blush that are too harsh: Add a layer of loose powder by using a brush lightly on the area of your cheek or if the blush colour is still too bright, tap a little bit of loose powder into a sponge and blend it over the blush colour and most importantly in the apple of your cheeks.
  • Smudging eyeliner: If you’re still at home, dab a cotton bud into an eye makeup remover and tap it lightly into the smudging area and apply a little bit of loose powder, again lightly.
  • Lipstick out of line: With a concealer brush, dab it lightly where the lipstick goes out of line. The remaining of the concealer on the brush will help erase the mistake.
  • Shading gone bad: So you’re trying to contour your face and it goes wrong and it looks fake where the lines are too harsh? Easy! Spray a face mist to your face and with a big brush, buff your face so that the foundation and your contouring powder will blend together and will create natural-looking contouring effect.
  • Teeth looking yellow or murky: This is something that we usually notice the last and by the time we realize that our smile isn’t as bright as it’s supposed to be, it’s too late to do anything about it! Take a deep breath and relax. There is this product called Pepsodent White Now which can help your teeth to appear whiter, thanks to its blue foam. Just quickly brush your teeth with this paste, and voila! Dazzling smile awaits. As a bonus, you’ll get minty fresh breath too :) I always have Pepsodent White Now in my makeup bag now because you’ll never know when an important occasion might arise and you’ll always need to be ready.

My emergency kit that always saves the day :)

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