Artistic & Durable Wallet From Paperpleased

Looking for a wallet that can also organize everything? From your card, money to noting down your expenses. I have just found this unique wallpaper wallets that are durable and have incredibly pretty patterns. They come in varieties of artistic patterns in limited quantities each, so you don’t need to worry that many people out there have the same wallet as yours :)

This wallet comes from Paperpleased and it cost around Rp 80,000 to Rp 85,000. Once you know which design you like, you need to contact them right away because they don’t have many in stock. You can contact Paperpleased via their email

I like that it’s very thin and light as well. With the notepad available inside the wallet, you can note your expenses right away or your shopping list so that you don’t need to worry that you’re going inside a shopping mall with a list goes missing.