Under Arrest for Committing Crimes Against Hair!

We all know we need to take good care of our hair. Yet, many times, we are actually committing “crimes” to it without realizing it. There’s a survey which revealed that 8 out of 10 women have some kind of damage to their hair but only 2 out of those 8 women who are aware of this fact and do something about it.

These are some of the common ones that we do almost everyday:

  • Rubbing wet hair with towel. This is an absolute no no as hair is at its most fragile state when wet so rubbing it with a towel can cause breakage. You should just gently pat the hair dry after you wash it to get rid of excess water.
  • “Combing” your hair with fingers or brushing your hair too often, which can worsen hair loss
  • Blowdrying, especially when you yank and stretch your hair while doing it. I’m most guilty of this!
  • Using hair accessories, such as hairband, scrunchy or elastic band that are too tight. Not only that the hair strands that get caught in the band can break, tying your hair too tightly or too long can weaken your hair because it pulls hair away from the roots. Scary!
  • Applying tons of gel, mousse, wax or other styling products. Yes, we know this is bad for our hair, yet some of us are guaranteed to have a permanent bad hair day without these products, right? :D
  • Coloring hair. Most hair coloring products contain peroxide which will break down the waxy protective layer of hair
  • Using hair straightener or curling iron. Yes, there are some products that can protect our hair from the heat of these tools but prolong use of them is still damaging your hair. It is recommended that you only iron your hair once a week using only iron with ceramic plates. Can you do it?

Chances are, you do one or more of the stuff I mentioned above. You may or may not know that it’s causing damage to your precious hair but we can’t really avoid them, can we? I know that if I don’t blowdry my hair, it will look flat and limp. And I know some of my friends who have to color their hair every few months because they believe it completes their total look. In fact, a recent study showed that most women spent about 4 hours everyday to care for and style their hair, and 30 minutes of that time are spent to do above mentioned activities that actually damage the hair.

I think I’m beginning to suffer from the effect of all the ‘hair crimes’ that I’ve been doing all these years because for a few weeks now, I’ve been having hair fall problem and some split ends :(

How about you girls? Which of the hair crimes do you commit regularly and how do you think they affect your hair?