Lancome To Launch Three New Products This March

Looks like beauty market will be busy welcoming three new product from Lancome next month. It will launch new fragrance and two skincare products. Let’s get known with them one by one.

Lancome Tresor in Love, is described as a fragrance that reveals the spirit of romance by floral notes. Luminous, vibrant, sensual and glowing; just like the mixed emotion of a young woman in love. The bottle is designed with slender silhouette with black satin rose tied around to resemble a lucky charm.

This fruity floral fragrance consists the smell of nectarine accord, pear, and bergamot as its top note; Turkish rose and jasmine as its middle note; and cedar wood as the base note. A bottle of 75 ml Tresor in Love is priced at Rp. 1,000,000, while the 50ml version is priced at Rp 750,000.

If you are concerned with spots, yellowness and aging signs, then you need to pay attention to this product, Lancome Blanc Expert GN-White Agefight. It will be launched to answer the need of skin whitening and anti aging solution. This intense whitening spot and fine line eraser is claimed as groundbreaking in Lancome discovery to neutralizes the main causes of spots and hyper-pigmentation at both dermal and epidermal levels.

Interestingly, Lancome Blanc Expert GN-White Agefight promises younger and smoother skin in just one hour, stubborn spots and wrinkles are significantly reduces in 3 days and clinically proven one tone fairer skin after 4 weeks. Some of its key ingredients are sphinganine, rose extract, Neurowhite mint extract, ellagic acid, Mela-NO Complex (Ginko Biloba), lactic acid, aquatoryl, sunflower extract and soy extract. Price of this product will be Rp. 1,200,000.

Last but surely not the least is Lancome UV Expert GN-Shield SPF 50 PA+++. We’re never bored to remind you how essential a sunscreen is. More importantly for people who live in tropical region with high sun exposure like Indonesia. Daily UV light contains at least 18 times more UVA than UVB rays, twice stronger in Asia than in Europe. UVA rays are harmful because they reach skin dermal layer where they deteriorate the elastin and collagen fibers, as well intensify skin darkening.

Lancome UV Expert GN-Shield protects the skin surface with the patented filters that recreate a 12-hour protective shield against UV rays. It also preserves skin from environmental stress such as pollution. Not only on the skin surface, Lancome UV Expert GN-Shield also goes down to the dermis and forms a protective barrier against deep skin damages such as hyper-pigmentation and premature aging. This product will be priced at Rp 580,000.