Stylish 3D Eyeglasses Launched

Today, more and more movies are available in 3D. That technology enables us to enjoy the movies more lively. Some TV producers even manufacture their 3D TVs. Inspite of growing number of 3D movies and TV’s, stylish 3D eyeglasses are still a rarity. Thanks to the some fashion labels, we will have more choices for 3D eyeglasses.

Gucci, Armani Exchange, Converse, Calvin Klein, Nautica and Oakley are those which create their 3D eyeglasses by the end of last year and promised to introduce more new styles this year. While 3D movies have been released many times, how fast this trend of stylish 3D eyeglasses can develop is affected by the number of  3D content available for home TVs.

“It’s taking people a while to jump into it. The early adopters have jumped on the technology really quickly,” Scott Smith, category director for 3-D optics at Oakley said. “As more content comes available and people interact with it more, it will become more prevalent in the home. It will just take a little while for the consumer to become more familiar with the technology. It’s just a matter of time.”

As an example of how that 3D glasses look like, left photo is a picture of Joe Jonas wearing Armani Exchange 3D eyeglasses. For other examples, below are the photos of 3D glasses from Gucci, Oakley, and Calvin Klein. Now our choices of 3D eyeglasses aren’t only the same old glasses that are lent in 3D cinemas.

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