In the Spirit of Burlesque

Have any of you watched the movie Burlesque? Although the storyline of the movie itself is kind of blah but you will see some entertaining moves and will hear the wonderful voice of Christina Aguilera and Cher. Aguilera played Ali, a small town girl who moved to Los Angeles to realize her big dream. In Los Angeles, she was captivated by the shows that she witnessed before her eyes in a neo-burlesque club in Sunset Strip run by a former dancer played by Cher. From then on, all she wanted is to be on the stage at Burlesque. You can read more about the movie from here.

Enough about the storyline, what I like about the movie is all the glittering wardrobe that I see on the screen. You will see a lot of  sequins and see through, even pearls that made into a costume for the Burlesque dancer. Not that you will be able to use any of them in real life. But it’s just good to see over the top costume to relax your eyes once in a while.

Not until I saw the pictures from WWD cabaret inspired photo shoot that I thought the Burlesque style can be incorporated into our daily life to add a touch of luxury to our look.

All though the images above are still over the top for normal people like you and me – more like me :p But here are some tips on how to apply a little bit glamour to your look:

  1. Once in a while, go wild and add some fur (faux of course) into your wardrobe. You don’t have to go to the extent of fur coat, just a strip in your neck or bolero that you can combine with your cocktail dress. I’ve written a few tips on how to wear faux fur here.
  2. Use pieces with sequins detail, such as camisole, bolero, outerwear or even only a belt that you can combine with a more classic pieces such as black pants and pencil skirt in a neutral colours.
  3. Sometime you can wear lingerie pieces such as camisole in silk material or mix with laces inside your jacket to give it a more sexy feel.
  4. Think about blouses and tops made from sheer fabric such as chiffon to be combined with your camisole or those made from silk. This kind of dress touch your skin ever so softly and it falls nicely without clinging into your body.
  5. If you don’t feel like touching any of the above, go with a bold chandelier earring or lots of pearl necklaces together.
  6. Lastly, don’t put everything together at once. Choose to select only one or two pieces that can work without being like you just step down from the stage.

* Source and pictures from WWD, IMDB and Burlesque