L’occitane Peony Makeup – Review & FOTD

I’ve heard about L’occitane Peony makeup collection for some time, I think it was launched in August last year. But not until recently I had my hands on the actual products and played with them.

What drew me to these products right away is of course the packaging. It’s a little bit retro, some of them come in cardboard cases with prints of peony flower on them. The powder products are all embossed with beautiful peony pattern and infused with a subtle peony scent. I’m a sucker for anything vintage (or vintage-looking) and anything floral, so it wasn’t hard for me to fall in love with the look of these products.

If you are used to using makeup products that are packed with plenty of pigments, you may find L’occitane Peony Makeup collection too sheer. And I think they were created not to add conspicuous colors to your face but just a hint of it, making your face look fresh, soft and pretty.

Having said that, I do think the Etoile des Neiges Illuminating Powder lacks in color and texture. It’s supposed to be a highlighter, and color corrector. There’s green to counteract redness, mauve to add life to dull skin and pink and white for brightness. But I couldn’t see the effect when I used it on my face nor did it work as a highlighter.

Valse de Vienne Face Color Powder (Rp. 190.000) is a medium pink with subtle gold sheen powder which you can use as blush or eyeshadow. In this picture, I use it as a blush on top of Blush Like a Peony Lip & Cheek Tinted Water (Rp. 190.000) I’m a bit addicted with lip and cheek tint and this one I LOVE so much. The color is brownish pink with tiny pink shimmers and look absolutely beautiful as a blush. On my lips, the color doesn’t really show up but the shimmer is still quite visible. The texture is like a very light lotion which is super easy to blend and absorb quickly on my skin too.

In this picture, I used Feu d’Artifice Lipstick (Rp. 180.000) and Marie Riviere Liquid Shine Lip Color (Rp. 180.000). The lipstick is perhaps something I’ve been looking for all this time. It’s a blue-based, deep red shade which looks quite dark in the tube, but again, applies quite sheer. It’s buildable though, so after about 4 swipes, I get a bit of depth with the red shade without looking vampy. It gives me the effect of having eaten a bowl of cherries all by myself :) If you’ve been wanting to try red lipstick but don’t want something too loud, this is the perfect lipstick for you. It feels comfortable on the lips and not drying at all.

The Liquid Shine Lip Color comes in a pretty pastel pink with gold shimmer. The texture is just perfect, not too sticky, not too watery either and produces quite a nice shine on the lips.

Like I said before, L’occitane Peony Makeup is not the kind of makeup that makes a statement, but overall, I would still recommend them for you as products you can use everyday, which will definitely freshen up your face without creating dent on your pocket.