Music to Our Nails Presented by Glee

Since the end of September the second season of Glee has been playing in the U.S. but it’s only this month that it will be available on Star World.

If you’re not yet Glee overdosed, then it’s about time to wear the Glee spirit on your nail. Sephora by OPI is launching the Glee collection in February in over 270 freestanding Sephora stores in the U.S. as well as You know what this mean? Time to hit the Beauty Warehouse at Female Daily’s Market Plaza to look for whoever is opening a PO and key in your request :)

The collection encompasses seven shades that is available individually for $9.50 or mini set of six for $22. The seven shades includes:

  1. Slushied: opaque blue
  2. Hell to the No: bold purple
  3. Gleek Out: glitter lime green
  4. Diva-in-Training: poppy pink
  5. Who Let the Dorks Out: peacock green
  6. Miss Bossy Pants: rich raspberry
  7. Mash-Up: pearlescent green gray

As for the mini set, there will be three exclusive colours included in this set which is Celibacy Club (glimmering top coat), Express Yourself to Yourself (coral shimmer shade) and Sue Vs Shue (navy blue) along with Miss Bossy Pants, Gleek Out and Slushied.

There are also going to be prints for nails design appliques, which is a precut strips with variety of widths that is available in three different “Glee”-inspired designs, namely Showstopper (gold stars), Berry Special (navy polka dots) and One Hit Wonder (music notes).