Spice Up Your Look With New Accessories

Are you looking for some new accessories to freshen your look this new year? How about giving a try to some pieces of accessories by Drole Shop or Adorable Project? Actually I’ve found them some months ago, but now their items are getting more and more varied so you can choose the most suitable piece for your style.They are both Indonesian accessories line that sell their products through Facebook. Interestingly, some of Drole’s items have been featured in local magazine but that doesn’t mean Adorable Project is less appealing. I believe you’ll get lost browsing both Drole’s and Adorable’s items that ranged from necklace, bracelet, ring and even headpiece. Moreover, all of them is priced under IDR 100,000.

Above photos are necklaces, bracelets, ring and headpieces by Drole Shop

While below are the items from Adorable Project:

Which item is your favorite? If you want to see more options before deciding which to buy, you can visit the Facebook pages of Drole Shop and Adorable Project.