Find Your Signature Scent in The Different Company

Most of us want to have a signature scent that is memorable for anyone who smells. Anyway, being unique and one of a kind is also important in choosing the scent that suits you the best. Understanding that necessity of being unique, The Different Company (TDC) offers its ultimate “haute perfumeries” selections with the highest quality of components.

Founded in 2000, TDC was created by product designer Thierry de Baschmakoff, perfume composer Jean – Claude Ellena, and daughter Celine Ellena. Their unisex and personal creations are said to be developed through creative process, keeping in mind the unique style for each one of you.

TDC’s ultimate collection consists of 6 different scents; Bergamote, Bois d’Iris, Jasmin de nuit, Osmanthus, Rose Poivree and Sel de Vetiver. Bergamote is described as a contemporary classic fragrance mixed with ginger which delivers a spicy note, orange-flower which underline the floral note; vert-de-feuille which enhances the freshness; rhubarb wood and musk which prolongs the pleasure. Bois d’Iris is an aristocratic fragrance which contains the aromatic iris palida blends with vetiver, bergamot, cedar wood, narcissus, geranium and musk to deliver the wonderful magic of a flower.

Jasmin de nuit is a warm and caressing scent of jasmine, a small and short lasting flower that lightens the night with its scent and gently disappear at dawn to remind of the peaceful summer nights with its evening wind. Osmanthus scent is extracted from osmanthus flower is originated from China and known to be very fragile. The flower itself blooms in autumn and its refined fragrance travels far. Add a note of vertdefeuille, bergamot, orange, mandarin, rose, rose berries, pastoreum and musk for an unforgettable scent.

Rose Poivree is described as powerful and fresh. Hence, it can be worn by women and men. The perfume leaves a unique sensual rose blended with warm peppery notes, such as rose, rose berries, pepper, coriander, vetiver and civet. For your information, 50 kilos of rose petals are required to create 250 ml of Rose Poivree. Sel de Vetiver is created for those who want to feel the sensation after bathing in the sea, every single day. The salty and sweet harmonious scent will leave you feeling sensual and fresh. The essence is heavy, earthy, and sour with stronger grapefruit zest and warmer woody notes. It’s been awarded as “a magnificent fragrance” by The New York Times Magazine in 2006.

All perfumes are available in 90 ml – IDR 1,600,000;  250ml – IDR 4,800,000; long trip refill – IDR 790,000; long trip aluminum case – IDR 1,850,000.

If you are interested buy any of them, you find it exclusively at Senses Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, East Mall 2nd Floor, Skybridge unit B2-01/02.