Let’s Hear what FD-ers Think about Maybelline BB Cream

After years gaining it’s popularity in Asia, I think it’s about time that a major western cosmetic company picked up the hype on BB Cream. We’ve talked about this magic cream for hundreds of pages on forum through the BB Cream thread. So we welcome the Maybelline BB Cream with so much joy. Because not only that it’s easily available at any Maybelline counter, but the price is also affordable at Rp 35,000 only :)

You might have read Affi’s Maybelline BB Cream review, but what about hearing some other reviews from fellow FD members that have used this cream.


As one of BB Cream’s biggest fans, I was thrilled when I heard that Maybelline is launching its latest product Maybelline BB Cream. Finally! there is an affordable BB Cream that can be found easily.

The formula of this BB Cream seems like a dream come true, using natural minerals to help improve the skin condition, it is skin care and make up all in one. I have used this BB Cream for more than a week and all I can say that this is a good product. The color blends nicely with my skin tone (FYI I have a very light tone) and it makes my complexion to be more even. The product does not offer heavy coverage so I do not recommend this for girls’ day out or late night parties, but it does the job for every day makeup.

The BB Cream makes my skin glow from within, not the kind with greasy look, but just the correct shine to it. However, I did notice that the oil control is not so good, since I have to blot every couple of hours. When using this BB Cream, you do not need to use a lot; just a pea size will be enough for the whole face. I combine this cream with my regular skin care, from moisturizer to sunscreen, however when I do feel a bit lazy, I only wear this BB cream followed by loose powder and I am ready to go. Will I buy this product again? I’d say yes, not only because it is cheap but it can also works as concealer for the body.


Like anyone else, first time I heard Maybelline release a BB Cream product I was also curious. Its liquid formula is more watery compared to other BB Cream that I’ve tried. The shade is also very light but it’s very blendable so it’s easy for it to blend right into my skin tone. Like Leona, I have a light skin tone (but not as pale). The formula is really light so it’s really suited for everyday use, on top of that the BB Cream have sunscreen SPF 26/PA+++ included within it.

This BB Cream is said to be a combination of makeup and skincare so when you use it you will immediately see that your face looks glowy, the medium coverage (if I use it to medium build) will be able to cover the acne scars lightly and it even out my skintone. It gives a glowing and flawless finish to my face.

I did not see any major improvement if I see it as a skincare but I notice that my face is not dry at all when using this product which is one of the things that I like about this BB Cream, maybe it’s the added moisturizer within this product that have successfully maintained the moisture balance within my face.

To apply it I sometimes just used my fingers or use any buffing brush which will be perfect to apply this or the duo fibre brush. Just use whatever you’re comfortable with. I combine this BB Cream with my daily moisturizer, primer followed by Maybelline BB Cream and loose powder.

It’s practical as I do not need my sunscreen anymore. The price is cheap, reasonable and suited for everyday use. It’s also practical because the ingredient contained within this product is what I need. The bottom line is, with a price this good, certainly you need to give it a try.


The formula of this BB Cream is very light, not sticky and I feel that it sinks directly into my skin. So far, what I feel by using this BB Cream my makeup step becomes simpler because I can skip moisturizer, primer and colour corrector because this BB Cream is able to do the job that these three steps required.

After wearing it, my face looks instantly good and bright. But I feel that it doesn’t last long because if I wear it in the morning during the day and afternoon my face looks dull again.

I apply the Maybelline BB Cream using my fingers and pat it instead of blending it with my fingers to achieve higher coverage and I combine the technique by swiping my fingers afterward to blend it. Other product that I used with this is a concealer to conceal dark circles and I still use loose or press powder to set the cream so it doesn’t becomes slippery. I retouch it every couple of hours by puffing some powder into it.