The Newly Opened GOODS Department Store

Do you love to shop in Brightspot Market? If you do, then you must visit the newly launched THE GOODS DEPT. THE GOODS DEPT is a department store run by the creators of Brightspot Market that will be open for public on December 9, 2010. It is located in a 1066 square meter space in Plaza Indonesia.

Not only that, THE GOODS DEPT is also completed with GOODS CAFE and a venue to hold rotating events including art exhibitions, film screenings and fashion show.

For you still unfamiliar with Brightspot Market, let me introduce you what  it’s all about.  Established in early 2009, Brightspot Market described itself as “curated market of all things cool” as its tagline. It pops up temporarily  in new locations several times a year. Visitors has increased from just 5.000 visitors at first Brightspot Market to over 41.000 visitors at the last event in July 2010.

Both Brightspot Market and THE GOODS DEPT are unique and multidimensional retail stores that offer various fashion and lifestyle products; ranged from clothing, accessories, cameras, bicycles, home wear and many more. Some tenants that will be available in THE GOODS DEPT are Milcah, Nikicio, Cotton Ink, Petite Cupcakes, Kias Leather and many more.

This afternoon, we’re going to attend private launching of THE GOODS DEPT so stay tuned for our updates. While for the public, the door will be open tomorrow so make sure that you won’t miss it. Another events that will highlight the early days of GOODS DEPT are the screening of Future Shorts One film festival on December 14, the launching of Nikicio femme resort 2011 on December 15, Christmas Karaoke on December 24 and last but not least, the official opening party on December 29.

For more information, please check its official website or its twitter @theGOODSdept.