Embracing The Soccer..err ok Football Season!

Are you one of those people who complain that Jakarta doesn’t offer anything beside malls? Well, you know what, Jakarta does have a lot to offer. There are always activities being held somewhere.  That is if you would just broaden your horizon and step out of your comfort zone.

The one that is happening right now is the AFF Suzuki Cup. I have to admit that when it comes to soccer football, I’m just a fair weather fan. But I love the atmosphere. Something with being inside the stadium full of people who scream INDONESIA at the top of their lungs, singing Indonesia Raya & Garuda di Dadaku, clapping and cheering for our athlete, makes me feel the hope and the enormous love everyone there put for the country. I can’t wait for the next game tonight!

  • H&M Gray Tanktop
  • Unbranded blazer
  • Sole Mio denim skirt (From NonaDado)
  • House of Leather tote bag
  • Jimmy Choo Pumps

Psstt…this was not what I wore to watch the match..:P. I just happened to be in Senayan area on the days leading up to the game and couldn’t resist to take picture with the flag :D.

If you want to see more of ‘Today’s Outfit’ from the attendance..you can visit: