JFW 10/11 Day 7: For The Love of Nature

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere,” a famous statement by Vincent Van Gogh. That statement was beautifully reflected by one of the fashion shows in Jakarta Fashion Week; a collaboration between The Body Shop and Raffles Design Institute Jakarta.

Raffles’ students who participated in the fashion show used environmentally-friendly materials, recycled materials, and coloring technique that was also safe for the nature. On the other hands, The Body Shop produces the makeup that contains natural ingredients. This concept made the collaboration between The Body Shop and Raffles Design Institute possible because both institutions carry the mission to save the mother earth. Moreover, fashion show and makeup are inseparable. Makeup is essential to support the total look of a designer’s creation. A fashion show won’t be complete without makeup.

The fashion show was presented in 7 themes by 10 students from Raffles Design Institute Jakarta, they are:

1. “Marie Antoinette” by Winda Halomoan

2. “Colloseum and Roman Toga” by Remigius Aliwarga

3. “Human Skeleton” by Idelia Sabrani

4. “Baskets and Braids” by Diana Nathania

5. “Hippies” by Ellaine Chandra & Vera Agustina

6. “Space People Save The Earth” by Dielle Anrsisia & Patricia Apolo

7. “Waste Reconstruction” by Cindy Sagita & Yohanes Setiawan

“Colloseum and Roman Tiga” (left photo) and “Hippies” (right)

“Space People Save The Earth”

“Waste Reconstruction”

Photos: Courtesy of Raffles Design Institute Jakarta