JFW 10/11 Day 6: rePLAYshion Brings Old Staple Back For Anew

Up2Date has been around since 2006 and they’ve grown exponentially since then. To date they have 23 shop in various cities in Jakarta and one in Kuala Lumpur and hopefully by next year they will open another shop overseas, which is in Melbourne. It’s an ambitious brand I must say, even before opening the second store overseas they’re already eyeing for London as their next destination. A job very well done for a brand that has been around for only 4 years!

At the Jakarta Fashion Week, Up2Date showcased their latest design with the hope that it can drive the Muslim fashion direction for the coming year. The Muslim fashion industry has been growing at a steady state, where in the past the Muslim fashion designers only showcase their latest collection nearing to Ramadhan, nowadays Muslim fashion is not just the celebration of Hari Raya. It has its own life now that it requires a trend direction all year around, therefore Up2Date decided to have their fashion show nearing the year end.

Up2Date is all about comfort and style but also since it’s a Muslim fashion, they want their pieces to give proper cover up as in line with what’s required. They used a lot of jersey on their collection and instill the usual fashion trend on their collection. The colours remained on the safe tone such as cream, khaki, light and dark brown as well as grey and blue. It allowed the mix and match of different pieces together. The theme rePLAYshion depicted through a reuse of old style and renewing it to make it brand new. It inspires women to dig into their wardrobe and give their old items another chance by giving it a new touch such as vest, cardigan or accessories.

The materials used were varied from linen, jersey and denim to knit and wool. With using asymmetrical cutting, deconstruction and tie dye, it gave an otherwise normal Muslim outfit an edge. The inspiration came from basic pieces of the Muslim fashion such as tunic and abaya with various pieces in loose fit. The pants dominating the runway were the aladin, jodhpur and harem since they have loose fit and seemed spot on for their style. In short, what Up2Date were trying to do was to make sure that although cover up is the main request for hijab wearer but the latest style can still be instilled in the way they dress accordingly. Up2Date also have collection for Kids.

For more info about Up2Date you can visit their website at www.uptodatetrimoda.com or their Facebook and Twitter for timely update.