JFW 10/11 Day 5: Celebrating Ghea’s 30 Years of Fashion

“… 30 years of inspirations

30 years of creations

30 years of dedication

to Indonesian fashion …”

Ghea Panggabean has made a remarkable achievement in fashion for 30 years. She keeps her consistency in read- to-wear attires. Having her career started in 1980, Jakarta Fashion Week 2010 is the right moment to celebrate Ghea 30th fashion anniversary. Being asked about her recent dream and obsession, Ghea declared that she was really thankful for the things she had and she only needed to maintain them.

But that doesn’t stop her from creating. Ghea is on her project writing a book about her career journey. The book will also tell about her inspiration and how she translates it into a creation. Another plans that are in the pipeline are to re-launch one of her lines Ghea Kids, and explore jumputan from Bali and East Nusa Tenggara.

Her love for Indonesian fabric became Ghea trademark. “I love Indonesian culture and jumputan (one of tie-dye methods in Indonesian fabric) was the first thing that attracted me to fashion. Through fashion, we are able to introduce and tell stories about Indonesia,” Ghea said during the press conference.

In this fashion show titled “A Retrospective Journey” Ghea was not only celebrating her fashion anniversary, she also made a tribute to Indonesian textiles. She showcased various Indonesian textiles and motifs she had used in her design such as tikar and grinsing.

“A Retrospective Jouney is all about the things that I like and about my characters. Moreover, my creations should tell a story and become timeless pieces. I love to collect many kinds of fabrics, old and new ones. It’s my duty to design with old motifs in the latest fashion style.”

The fashion show was divided into 4 sequences; Bohemian, Gypset Travelers, Spirituality and Indonesian Heritage.

The first section, Bohemian, is actually Ghea’s signature look. Many of her designs are inspired by 70’s flower generation when bohemian look was born. Colorful motifs in tunics, dresses, flare pants and even swimsuits were paired well with clogs, espadrilles and headbands.

Then the second batch was themed “Gypset Travelers”. Ghea loves to travel to many places, especially exotic ones. “Gypset travelers love to wear a combination of clothes and accessories from various places they have visited”. the designer commented on the collection.

“Spirituality” emphasized the importance of being close with God. White dominant outfits likely worn by a pilgrim, images of spiritual figures such as Buddha, and loose cutting like a monk’s attire were also found in her designs.

The last batch of the fashion show was themed “Indonesian Heritage”. “I’m so proud to be Indonesian and I’m an Indonesian designer,” Ghea stated. Here in this sequence Ghea mixed various fabrics that ranged from chiffon, velvet and of course Indonesian textiles.

Overall, it was just as expected and beyond from a designer with her caliber. We would also like to congratulate Ghea for her glorious and prolific career in the industry. We hope there will be many more years to come!