JFW 10/11 Day 3: Tenun at Its Best

Having a mission to combine traditional textile and giving it a modern twist, this time Jakarta Fashion Week’s runway was lined by the collection from 10 reputable Indonesian designers who use tenun as their material.

They are Chosy Latu, Priyo Oktaviano, Denny Wirawan, Era Soekamto, Stephanus Hamy, Oscar Lawalata, Sebastian Gunawan, Tayada , Oka Diputra and Luwi Saluadji. Those great names showcased 90 creations in total.

This show titled Cita Warna Bumi Sriwijaya and was made possible with the cooperation with BNI. Tenun that those designers used as material came from the weavers who were founded by BNI.

Through this event, BNI and Cita Tenun Indonesia preserve the art of tenun and try to expand the market in both local and international.

By reading the show title, Cita Warna Bumi Sriwijaya, you might get the clue where the tenun was produced. Yes, it came from South Sumatra. Tenun center in South Sumatra was founded by BNI and it covers about 500 tenun artisan families. Later that tenun center was officially launched as Kampoeng BNI Tenun in February 2010.

The show proved that tenun is so promising and it gave endless ideas for the designers to create their masterpiece.

“Cakrawala” by Era Soekamto                                    “Perle de L’est” from Priyo Oktaviano

Dewi Wirawan is said to be inspired by Audrey Hepburn in creating his collection, “Retro Stile Romantico”

Men’s wear “Pusaka” by Luwi Saluadji                    “Songket The New Look” by Chossy Latu