Restore Your Hair Vitality with Force Vector

L’Oréal Professionnel has recently brought a new series of haircare to the Indonesian market. This haircare line focuses on the reinforcement to strengthen fragile and weak hair. The line is called L’Oréal Professionnel NEW Série Expert Force Vector, formulated with five times more of the IncellTM molecule from other range of Série Expert. IncellTM is a special molecule specially formulated at L’Oréal laboratorium in Paris. It has multidimensional structure which is very much similar to our hair, therefore it able to give protection that mimic our hair natural protection, which is ceramide. This similarity able to make IncellTM function effectively to repair the layer of our hair that is in damaged condition because it has lost it’s natural protection.

There are many reason why our hair can lost its natural protection. As time goes by, our hair will lost its vitality due to environment factors which are very hard to avoid, namely UV exposure, air humidity as well as uncertain weather condition. It resulted in hair breakage as a result of deteriorating condition of hair that is weakened by dryness, frail condition and lost of strength. As one of the biggest hair damage condition experienced by Indonesians, hopefully Série Expert Force Vector can help in tackling the hair breakage problem.

In Force Vector, the IncellTM technology is combined with royal jelly to produce new technology called Glycocell. Supported by molecular precision technology, it enable Force Vector to work at different layer of our hair, from it’s surface up until the hair cuticle. It acts as a filler to fill in brittle hair which then will help strengthen and gives extra protection that it needs. Resulting in a healthy hair, even though it once has lots it’s vitality.

The shampoo and conditioner both feels light on the hair, it really doesn’t weight it down at all. However there’s a slight herb smell on the shampoo which kind of distract me, and it feels that I put a bag of potpourri on my hair. But the conditioner cancels out this smell, so it’s kind of alright in the end.

The price of the items on this line are:

  • Shampoo (250ml) Rp 150,000
  • Conditioner (150ml) Rp 165,000
  • Hair Mask (200ml) Rp 240,000

This product can be found on your nearest hairdresser that carries the L’oreal Professionnel products at their salon.