Battle of Masculine and Feminine Look

There is always an opposite for anything. Masculine versus feminine is one of the examples for never-ending battle in the runway. For the upcoming Spring 2011 season, both looks were represented well.

Handsome women in Balenciaga (left picture) and Celine (right)

Balenciaga offered androgyny manly look with its combination of quilted leather vest, men-tailored pants, and patent boots. The model has same sleek hairstyle as Celine’s. Nevertheless, Celine’s outfit tends to be more relaxed with its loose cutting.

Jean Paul Gaultier and Comme de Garcons parade their androgyny collections

The word androgyny itself has the definition as “having the characteristics of both male and female”. Gaultier and Garcons depict the word well. Although Gaultier chose punk for the makeup and hairstyle and leather biker jacket, it keeps the pretty pattern for the pants and nice two-tone ankle straps. While Comme de Garcons successfully paired masculine-cut outerwear with the dress that still accentuates woman’s figure.

Theatrically feminine by John Galliano and Yohji Yamamoto

John Galliano creation is said to be inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp. This white waterfall dress truly reflects the spring spirit, in a very feminine way. It looks light and airy but still got the detail on its  edge. On the other hands, Yohji Yamamoto is a bit heavier with the draping, but it still flows in the spring air.

Last but not least, here are Christian Dior and Chloe

This look by Chistian Dior might invite women to have a trip in tropical island. Bright color and flirty silhouette are just right in flowery spring. Then Chloe stated its femininity loud and clear with the bun, ballet flats and white cotton dress.

After seeing all these looks, I conclude that none of the style (masculine and feminine) is better than another. I think alternating between the two will definitely make your looks more interesting!