Not Another New Magazine from PAC

Why do I call this as “not another new magazine” is simply because PAC magazine is a real breakthrough. We have too many options already for our reading. But PAC magazine wasn’t created to compete in that magazine market. This free magazine has the main intention to bring Indonesian beauty industry one step ahead.

“Initially, the idea of creating this magazine came from our desire to get closer with PAC-ers [PAC’s customers and community], by providing a media to collect and channel the inspiration for young and talented make up artist,” said Verly Elinda, PAC product manager.

So far, PAC has given a lot contribution to beauty industry. PAC holds Gading Beauty Award annually, the winner then recruited to handle the make up for various fashion spreads, photoshots and fashion shows. PAC ‘s make up artist is also trusted to show his or her skill abroa, as an example PAC make up artist has participated in Hong Kong Fashion Week. I guess this magazine will be the next great step by PAC.

On its first edition, PAC magazine has “Beautiful Art-traction” theme that featured the maestros of makeup. Its beauty spread that is inspired by famous artworks is amazing. For the articles, five senior makeup artists; Willy Sanityasa, Sake, Gusnaldi, Derry and Yuan shared their story and tips.

Not only about beauty, PAC magazine also covers fashion issues since fashion and makeup are inseparable. Runway reports are also given, for instance the reportage during Hong Kong Fashion Week

Another plus point is: PAC magazine gives complete makeup tutorial. Go see for yourself and you’ll find that the format of its makeup instruction is rarely applied in other magazines.

In order to get a copy of this magazine, simply go to nearest PAC counter and ask it for free. PAC magazineĀ  is expected to be published once in four months. Such a long time to wait for the new edition of this awesome magazine.

Dewi Sandra, who has been the PAC icon for six years, entertained the audience at PAC magazine launching