Youth Code: New Skincare Line From L’Oréal

It’s like the skincare market is on the race to find the miracle product that can maintain skin’s youthful appearance. L’Oréal Paris announced its recent breakthrough, a four-item anti aging line that is said by L’Oréal “cracks the genetic code to younger-acting skin.” The line is called Youth Code and it’s the first range of its kind in the mass market to use gene-boosting science. The four-items are a day-night cream, a serum, a day lotion with SPF 30 and an eye cream priced at around $24.99 per item, bringing the promise of diminishing the signs of aging after four weeks of usage.

After 10 years of working on this line at the Saint-Louis Hospital Skin Research Institute, L’Oréal is ready to launch this range by  next month, 15 November, and it’s going to be launched first in Wal-Mart and nationwide in January.

Louis Dubertret who overseen the work of this product in Paris, said that Youth Code uses “the latest knowledge in gene science and the understanding of how genes express themselves” in a clinically proven topical skin care formula that acts against aging.

The technology used in this product is called GenActiv where it used two key ingredients namely biolysat and adenosine. Biolysat is a a lysate of bifidobacteria that is obtained by a fermentation process of Bifidus bacteria, it acts at the epidermis level and tells genes to act faster in the recovery process. Whereas adenosine acts at the dermis level to produce collagen, it is a molecule that is found in skin cells. Regarding this technology, L’Oréal’s Françoise Cabanne, international director of product development commented that it will “helps the skin recover faster after aggressions…and is capable of making the skin act faster and younger.” An instance was give where there is an aggression, our skin will need to react and produces proteins to help repair the epidermis and barrier function. However, our skin ages therefore along the way it will not do this as well as it supposed to be.

Well, let’s hope that this product line will be available on our shore.