Beauty Market Soon Get Nailed by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber might not be right on our alley, but OPI is one brand that is definitely on our watch list. So please don’t be skeptical about the title. Justin Bieber is said to team up with Nicole by OPI to design a new collection of nail polishes. It’s October now, so rest assured that this isn’t April mop and we’re not kidding here. The 16 year old pop sensation nail polishes collection will be inspired by his hit songs.

The Beiber and Nicole by OPI collaboration will debut exclusively at Wal-Mart and scheduled to hit the shelf by December.

The range will include colours such as dark blue, bright red and lavender whereas the rest of the colours is yet to be revealed. There will be the total of 14 shades but only 6 shades will be available on the December launching, while the rest will only be available in January. Knowing that OPI always comes with inventive names for their nail polishes, this collection will not differ at all. The name of the nail polishes in the collection will be after his hit songs. For instance the lavender shade will be named ‘One Less Lonely Girl’, the blue will be called ‘Me+Blue’ and the red shade will be called ‘OMB!’. Not that we know any of his song, but maybe it will be a more subtle way to familiarize ourselves with Beiber’s hits through these nail polishes.

We’re pretty sure that many teenager will hunt down this nail polish collection and we can also imagine how they will proudly said ‘I’m wearing OMB!’.

*Source Daily News