Beautifying Indonesia Conference – The Report

“Fashion and beauty industry are not just about being glamorous and spending money, this fields have opened opportunities and provided jobs for so many Indonesian women,” Martha Tilaar stated firmly during the press conference of Beautifying Indonesia Conference, a full-day seminar and workshop, covering 4 aspects of beauty industry: makeup, skincare, hair and salon and spa.

The conference was held in conjunction with Martha Tilaar Group’s 40th Anniversary and to express their gratitude and support towards the professionals in the beauty industry who have contributed to the enormous success the company has been having.

The fact that it was possibly the biggest beauty conference in Indonesia is enough to get 4 of FD crew (that’s me, Amal, Rizka and Lena) to attend the event, along with some of our FD-ers who won free invitations. The conference opened with a speech from Ibu Marha Tilaar herself, followed by a speech from a representative from the ministry of women empowerment and child protection. On that occasion, Martha Tilaar Group also launched a book called “Womanology – The Art of Beauty Marketing” which they hoped to be an inspiration to Indonesian women and contribute to the development of local beauty industry. Three other books that were launched on the same day were: Rias Pengantin Solo, Sanggul Cantik, and BRIEF! Easy Marketing for Executor.

To open the seminar, MC Indra Bekti called Cyltamia Irawan, CEO of Lentera Consulting, a company focusing in Service and Communication,  who presented “How to become the costumers’ best friend”. Cyltamia said, in order to become the costumers’ best friends, we need to understand them first. She said best friends just fit and to get you to be the right “fit” for your customers, she explained her 8:8 theory.8 P’s which will get customers to come to you (products, price, place, promotions, process, people, pace and proof) and 8 service “bites” which will make your customers (and their friends) go back to your place, that is: access, competency, courtesy, reliability, responsiveness, speed, security and tangible.

Next, it was Joao Cobral, Online Sales and Operations Managers of Google AdWords International Team,  who gave us an insight on why it’s important to have an online presence for beauty-related companies with his presentation. Cobral gave us a stunning data: that there’s a 280% increase on beauty and health-related Google searches coming from Indonesia in the last four years (some FD-ers said, these searches most likely end up in Fashionese Daily and Female Daily forum :D). There are 228,000,000 queries a year on Google Search related Beauty and wellness in Indonesia. 49% of online shoppers have changed their mind about which brand to buy following research on the web (Source: EIAA mediascope Europe Study, Nov 2007). Joao Cobral shared many other data that basically reinforces what has been said by marketing practitioners around the world for years; that companies/brands need to jump into online media because that’s where their costumers are.

After that, it was a presentation from Kunto Windhiatmoko Widarto from PT. Cedefindo, which is a contract manufacturer. That means that they manufacture products for cosmetic brands and they can help people build their own private labels, by helping them to save on the investment of building their own factories which allows you to concentrate more in focusing on your marketing and sales efforts. PT Cedefindo can ensures product quality is unquestionable because they managed to acquire ISO 9001 : 2000 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Lastly, Jenny Kartika Harto from Iconic, an interior design firm, presented her materials on how to makeover your salon and spa. It was definitely an informative and useful info for those of you who manage a salon or spa business, but because the presentation is quite long, we’re unable to summarize it for you. However, if you’re interested to read more about this presentation, contact us and we will be more than happy to help you obtain the material.

After this first session ended, we all left the room for lunch and…did some shopping! We will write more about the individual workshops and the products we managed to score from this conference in the next few posts. Stay tuned!