Madame X: Upholding the Justice In Style

Nia Dinata has a new movie produced, which I’m sure by now many of you have heard and it’s just the right kind of flick for FDers! It’s titled Madame X and directed by a newcomer Lucky Kuswandi, the movie falls under the genre of superhero comedy flick. When you heard the word superhero, I’m sure what comes into your mind is a handsome hunk with big built muscles – like Batman, Superman or Iron Man. But this movie is not your usual superhero flick. Breaking the normal stereotype of the usual superhero portrayal, Madame X shows that there’s no boundaries when it comes to superhero. Madame X represent the idea of freedom of will and expression. That being a superhero is not only in the built of your body, but it takes courage and willpower to help those in need.

The story started from the day of Adam’s birthday (played by Amink) where a clairvoyant came into his salon and foretold that he should never leave the capital city and he should never do this one dance nor learn any new one in the future because that one dance will only bring him death.

While in the background of the movie, it is explained that the capital city was threatened by the political party of tyrannical homophobes run by Kanjeng Badai (Marcell Siahaan) and his three wives namely Kinky Amalia (Shanty), Bunda Ratu (Titi DJ) and Bunda Lilis (Sarah Sechan).

Coming back into Adam’s birthday, him and his gay friends were celebrating his birthday in a club where the night suddenly turned the other way. Kanjeng Badai and his gang suddenly raided the club and the night ended up in chaos and Adam woke up the next morning stranded in Tanjung Awan. It was in Tanjung Awan where Adam met with Tante Yantje (Ria Irawan) and Om Rudi (Robby Tumewu), where the couple finally convinced Adam to learn tari lenggok. The dance was apparently not as it seemed, it was not the usual dance but it’s also a base to a martial arts move. Long story short, it was up to Adam, a cross-dressing hairstylist to save the world from the chains of Kanjeng Badai.

Armed with the not so usual armory such as curling iron, hairdryer and makeup, Adam was ready to save the world. It was 106 minutes full of laugh and fun! Imagine eyeshadow that turns into a smoke bomb and villains with Hermes Birkin bag (they called Hermes by the name of Herpes by the way :p ). You will see our favourite makeup brand MAC all over the movie, with a special mentioning of a LE Beauty Powder turns into a cute surveillance gadget.

This fashion forward film is supported by Jeffry Tan and Lenny Agustin, who designed the costumes of the three wives of Kanjeng Badai and the lenggok dancers respectively.

Not to forget, that in this movie Joko Anwar played a transsexual and he looks so smokin hot!

As for the Lenggok dance itself was created by Rusdi Rukmarata from EKI dance company where the troop also played supporting roles as the dancers.

I don’t want to spill too much detail on the movie (it has been really hard to write this post, because if I tell you which part is hilarious then I might give too much detail!), so you better run to your favourite cinema and watch this movie for yourself. The movie opens in cinema on 7 October 2010 and it’s one of those movie that you should watch with your best friends. For more information regarding the movie you might want to visit or follow their twitter account @MadameXFilm.

We’re also giving away 2 tickets of Madame X that you can use for the duration of the running of the movie in 21 Cineplex. The contest runs from 4- 13 October on our twitter, so if you haven’t followed us on twitter, you better do so now!

Women are willing to die just for the sake of their handbags, this one is a Birkin :)

The MAC team doing their magic. Can you see our favourite makeup artist Darwyn Tse in the picture?

Blonde Joko Anwar with smokey eyes

Fitri Tropica as Cun Cun who designed Madame X special vehicle

Saira Jihan played Adam’s bestfriend Ratih with her fiancée Tarjo ‘the boy next door’ played by Ikhsan Himawan

Vincent Rompies as the astrophysics genius Din