A New Spectrum in Michelle Worth’s Spring/ Summer 2011

When mythological goddess meets galactic science fiction, sure it will blend into something fresh and vibrant.

On Thursday night, Sept. 23, Blue Erawan restaurant was packed with well-dressed socialites who became the witness of Spectrum collection by Michelle Worth.

Michelle Worth is a graduate of Instituto Europeo in Milan who has also studied in Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and Parson, New York. Michelle Worth Design Studio was established in 2009 with the launch of her cheongsam couture, Opium.

Michelle’s  Spring/ Summer 2011 collection was named Spectrum as it cherishes spectrum of colors and dynamic edge with  a supernova of neon colors and details. It suits well with the target, young ladies with a dynamic edge of fashion.

Not only contributing her voice, Marisa L. Nasution the MC of the event also lent her shoes collection, labeled Dollhouse MLN for the fashion show. The captivating Dollhouse’ 5-inch heels came in various styles such as peep toe and strapped-ankle.

To be more dramatic, Michelle told the audience the tale behind Spectrum. It is said that Spectrum represents a galactic affair of alien goddess of Venus in secret star system. The goddess is in love and she must have experienced endless time travel through vibrant nebulae, swimming through a shower of meteors and a love affair in outer space.

Then here came the models in alien goddess looks. Those goddesses flirted in various fabric: sheer silks, pearl-soft chiffon, cotton-silk jersey, with a twist of neon-color plastic.The silhouette ranged from columnar to Corinthian, simple and stately but broken with an edgy flair for synthetic detail.

Overall collection is both romantic and sexy. Spectrum is also quite wearable, especially for night out. Wearing an outfit from the collection will likely keep you radiant all night.

Moreover, the guests interested  with the dress were able to order right it away. They just needed to mention the number written on each model’s bracelet.