Say Hello to HELLO Indonesia

Call me tardy not to know what HELLO magazine really is since I just knew about the magazine after attending its grand launching party last Saturday. After being printed in 14 languages and published in more than 70 countries, now the magazine hits Indonesia. HELLO magazine is published here under MRA Printed Media with September issue as its debut.

I had seen HELLO magazine once at a kiosk but never flipped through its pages. At that time, I took a glimpse at the cover and guessed the magazine is a printed celebrity planet. I wasn’t completely wrong, the main theme of HELLO is celebrity news, international and local. But then I revealed HELLO’s coverage is way deeper than I thought.

HELLO takes its reader so closely to the life of various public figures; actors/actresses, athletes, designers, royal family members, and so on. Not only that, HELLO also reports the latest fashion trend, hyped dining place, beauty idea, as well as health info, but in the smaller scoop compared to its celebrity pages.

As on October issue of HELLO Indonesia, its highlights include Sheila Marcia’s confession, Robbie William-Ayda Field wedding and Oscar de la Renta’s heavenly home. Those reports give many details that they obtained exclusively.

While other media in this country report celebrity life is in the form of TV show and tabloid, HELLO appears in fresh format. Glossy magazine that focuses much on celebrities like HELLO is still a rarity.

However, HELLO lay out seems kinda boring for me, almost all photos are in square frame. It’s like boxes everywhere I look. But I do understand that the layout is a part of HELLO trademarks.

Moreover, I thinkĀ  HELLO magazine is a bit too large in size. On the other hand, the big size enables the reader to pour over the details in each image more closely. So if you are curious to know about celebrity planet in closer point of view, then HELLO might be right for you