The Winners of Beautifying Indonesia Conference Invitations

We’re so excited to hear that many of you are so passionate about attending the Beautifying Indonesia Conference. Since it’s going to be a long day event, it will surely be a packed one. So we’ve got the names that are going with us to the conference.

The winners are :

  1. Redwine
  2. Alphabetababy
  3. Mommy^Sasha
  4. Solaia
  5. Unidede
  6. PetiteFille
  7. Chlorophylic
  8. Mizz_rainy
  9. Olive
  10. Cuthya
  11. Vini Agustina
  12. Yuniyuni88

Congratulations to all the winners and make sure that you get enough rest on the night before so we can concentrate and learn more from the conference :)

Please email your full name and mobile number to so that we can provide you with the details on how to get your invitation.

If you want to know more about the detail regarding the conference, please read Affi’s article here.