eBay Fashion Launches Lookbook

Have you ever imagined browsing fashion catalog in a form of street-style lookbook? Now eBay offers you the experience.

eBay, the enormous e-commerce, has been ramping up its fashion section. Not only providing world-wide shipment, it just introduced the new way of shopping through look book on Monday, Sept. 20.

eBay LookBook is an effort to enhance eBay Fashion offering features for easier and quicker navigation. It’s an advanced form of catalog that displays photos from customers on the streets and links their fashion items to eBay’s products.

Anyone can upload their photos, tag and explain three items they wear, even when the items were not bought from eBay. Then they are linked to similar items on eBay to enable purchase. Fashion items on eBay LookBook include new, vintage, designer and brand clothing, shoes and accessories.

The look book is described as a “democratized celebration of personal style” and a “user-generated shop-able style gallery.”

“It enables eBay users to browse various style and trends for fall then shop eBay based on what inspires them”, said Miriam Lahage, General Manager of eBay Fashion.

Not to forget, eBay LookBook is also holding a contest allowing users to vote the outfits they like best. The winner of US$ 5,000 shopping spree on eBay will be determined out of the top 25 choices.

Whitney Port, Editor at Large of Lucky magazine Elise Loehnen, celebrity stylist and eBay Fashion Contributor Annabel Tollman, Editorial Director of The Inside Source, Meredith Barnett, eBay trend expert Karen Bard are chosen to be the judges.

They will also held a photo shot session on New York and Los Angeles on Sept. 29 to gather more participation.

Even though those sessions are out of our reach fellow Indonesians, enjoying eBay LookBook is still fun yet advantageous.