Camisole for Undergarment

What do you usually use underneath your see through-blouse or low cut top? If you usually use tank top, don’t you find that it’s actually not comfortable at all because your tank top usually roll up (especially if you, like me, have a big hip and not so flat tummy anymore :p ).

Actually, compared to tank top I much prefer to use camisole. My first encounter with camisole happened when I bought a see-through top of which I already forgot the brand. But that top came with a camisole made from a light garment. I thought it was very grandma-ish but when I used it, the top fell better with the camisole instead of a tank top. Why? Because the undergarment doesn’t roll up too often, so the top stay put as it is and I’m more confident because I don’t check my top every so often.

Camisole is actually a loose-fitting sleeveless undergarment for women. It usually falls on the waist but sometimes it also comes shorter to be used for shorter top.

Camisoles usually produced using light materials, such as satin, so when worn underneath your top it wouldn’t change how the top falls on you. It doesn’t hurt that camisoles nowadays come in cute design and style. Some people even use it as an outerwear instead of an undergarment anymore. I saw a cute camisole peeping from the back of a conservative black jacket more and more.

So where do you usually get your camisole if you’re using it?

*Pictures courtesy of Myla