Splurge & Steal: Lancome Juicy Tubes & Maybelline Fruity Jelly Lip Gloss

It all started with Lancome Juicy Tubes, where the shiny lip gloss doesn’t just taste and smell like a yucky gloss anymore, instead it became something that you’re craving for. The Lancome Juicy Tubes Jelly offer sheer coverage, light jelly-like colours on your pout. Perfect to just freshen up your lips and add a little colour to it. It’s always handy to have a lipgloss inside your makeup pouch, it’s one thing that I will never leave home without. On days that I don’t want to use any lipstick, I just put on my lipgloss. But I can also use this tube on top of my lipstick. With $18 a tube, and too many colours to chose from (the real problem is actually I want them all!), I’m actually looking for an alternative to this tube that I can use daily. I want something more affordable because I usually finish a tube in 3 months time, but it should have the same luscious impact on my lips. It doesn’t hurt that if it has the same yummy scents and flavour.

Luckily, I found out that Maybelline just released the Fruity Jelly Lip Gloss. Judging merely from the name, I jump into a conclusion that they must be something similar to Lancome Juicy Tubes. After all, Maybelline and Lancome are both coming from the same parent company L’oreal. I wonder whether large companies such as L’oreal that have various number of brands under them share their research? If they knew how to put the lovely fruity smell into a tube of lipgloss and sell it under one brand it’s only natural that they share the knowledge to their sister brand.

Off I went to the counter the following weekend after I found about this information. Apparently, the price is only Rp 29,000 and without even realizing it I grab every colours they have! They have seven shades: Watermelon Red, Sparkling Raspberry, Juicy Orange, Creamy Guava, Golden Papaya, Passion Fruit and Pink Grape. But then before I pay my seven lipglosses, it hit me that I might not need all seven colours! So I leave the counter with only 3! I’m so proud of myself :)

In general, the colours are very sheer and it has the same glossy effect like Lancome Juicy Tubes. It also have the fruity and yummy scents and flavours. It said to also contains Vitamic C to maintain your lips moisture level, though I did not rely on this lipgloss alone for lip moisturizer. I guess the Vitamin C helps to keeps my lips not dry, but I use it on top of my lip moisturizer. At first I feel that the lipgloss is a bit sticky, but after a while I actually like the texture because one it’s settled into my lips I don’t feel the stickiness anymore and unlike those type of runny lipglosses it doesn’t come off as messy when I’m using it on it’s own.

The three colours that I finally purchase were Watermelon Red, Sparkling Raspberry and Creamy Guava. They all have different finishes.

  • Watermelon Red: It has a clear watermelon red colour on the tube but when I put it on it actually leaves no trace of colour at all. It’s as if I’m using a clear lipgloss. This is suited more for those people that have a pink and lighter lip colour or for those looking for a clear gloss to add shine to their lipstick. It has a nice smell when you out it on, but don’t worry it wouldn’t bother you after a while. Funny thing is, I don’t really relate the smell to watermelon but it’s a nice smell nonetheless.
  • Sparkling Raspberry: Has the same colour finish like Watermelon Red, which is clear! The difference is that it has a colourful glitter. Therefore, it would add a nice glam sparkle for evening use to your lipstick. It’s great that it’s clear so that I can use it with any kind of lipstick colour. Just don’t expect it to have a berry colour :) The smell of this tube with the previous one is the same although the Watermelon has stronger scent.
  • Creamy Guava: Got to be my favourite, which I often use on its own. It gives me a neutral peachy and shimmery lips. Unlike the other two, it has a metallic shimmer finish instead of clear. Although, it still gives a very transcluscent colour finish.

Maybelline Fruity Jelly Watermelon Red, Sparkling Raspberry, Creamy Guava and L’ancome Juicy Tubes Smoothie Pink Horizon

If you happen to have this lipglosses, I would love to know how do you all like it? Also, if you have the other four colours that I don’t have, please enligthen me on their finishes. Because I think the colour on the tube doesn’t really reflect the colour on your lips.