Triwa, Not Just Your Usual Time Piece

Dandy Grey & Chrono Carbon

If you want to find a watch that doesn’t just tell you the time but also act as accessories, you might want to take a peek on Triwa’s latest collection at Tribute Jakarta.

Triwa was established in 2006 and their aim is to design, produce and market playful time pieces. This vision is translated through their various selection on exciting materials and colours. Triwa envision themselves as innovator and not as a follower. By this, they want to keep themselves creating new design that will excite you continuously and they don’t mind if other follow them because by the time they catch up, Triwa would already be far ahead of them.

Triwa offer a time piece that can reflect your mood and fashion statement. There’s always a piece of Triwa that will suit every personality and mood. Check out their latest collection at Tribute now.


Jl. Wijaya IX / no. 23

Jakarta Selatan 12160, Indonesia

Minichrono Coral Flamingo & Bullit Black

Minichrono Pretty Pink & Minichrono Coral Flamingo

  • Chrono carbon : Rp.1,700,000
  • Bullit black : Rp 1,250,000
  • Minichrono pretty pink : Rp.1,700,000
  • Dandy grey :Rp 1,250,000
  • Minichrono coral flamingo: Rp.1,700,000
  • Minichrono turquoise flamingo: Rp.1,700,000