Roxy to Launch Its Batik Collection on September

To commemorate National Batik Day that will fall on 2 October 2010, Roxy will launch their new collection that is inspired by Batik Mega Mendung and Batik Kawung. This new collection will consist of t-shirt, tank top, shirt and dress as well as various accessories such as sandal for adults and kids. This Batik Collection will be launched on 25 September to 2 October 2010 at both Pondok Indah Mall (Jakarta) and Paris Van Java (Bandung).  During this launching event they will also held an exhibition.

Simon McGreggor, Marketing Executive of Quicksilver South East Asia said that this is the first time for Roxy to launch a collection based on Batik. This is a form of appreciation for Roxy to Batik that has been named as Intangible Cultural Heritage from Indonesia. In the coming years ROXY will continously designed new collection using Batik that will be paired up with ROXY young spirit.

Batik Collection will be available for Indonesian market as well as various countries in South East Asia such as Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. You can find this collection after the launching date at Quicksilver Stores in Pondok Indah Mall 1 (Jakarta) and Paris Van Java (Bandung).

While waiting for the launching of this new collection, why don’t we give you a sneak preview of the collection?