Romancing the Summer in Biasa

If you see Biasa store in Kemang and look at their display window, don’t you think that somehow the whole thing reflects the word “holiday” and “Bali”? Maybe it’s the aloofness of the way the clothing feel on the mannequin, or perhaps it’s the carefree feeling and how each piece can be worn against each other without it looking too neat nor sloppy.

It happens that one of Biasa store is located near the Kuta Beach, Bali in Seminyak area. This Bali-based design house just launched their latest collection last week. Lightweight materials seemed to be their signature. Fabrics such as “loom-state” cotton, linen and khadi handmade materials create a crisp, clean and deconstructed feeling towards their collection. Whereas the free flowing attitude is translated with muslin and chiffon.

Biasa sticks with earthy and neutral hues, and adding few dark and pale blue here and there. Choosing minimum color palette allows customers to an endless possibilities of wearing Biasa pieces.

Most importantly these light materials and flowy structures are perfect for the blazing weather of our beloved country don’t you think? It doesn’t hurt that the clothes are instilled with a little dream about the beach (especially the kaftan where you can use as an outerwear when you’re wearing your swimwear).

Also check out their bags and accessories collection. Although their clothing revolve around basic colour palette, but their jewelries are one way of making a bold statement. It kind of gives a good balance to the whole ensemble.

By the way, the other store of Biasa is located in Ubud. Do you think that Elizabeth Gilbert ever had the chance to browse the store and get something there? After all, their style is like the ultimate holiday, laid back, classic chic look. I can so imagine Julia Robert in one of the dresses :)

For more information regarding Biasa collection visit or visit their store if you happen to be in Jakarta or Bali at the following address:

Jakarta Store:
Jalan Kemang Raya 20
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: 021 7182322

Seminyak Store:
Jalan Raya Seminyak 36
Kuta, Bali
Phone: 0361 730308

Ubud Store:
Jalan Raya Sanggingan
Ubud, Bali
Phone: 0361 8878002