New Faces for Lancome and Giorgio Armani Beauty

The face of a brand most of the time will give you the dream of the product that they’re advertising. In a beauty brand, it lure us to believe that with using the product you can look just as beautiful as the model.There are two beauty brands that just selected the new faces for their brand, they are Lancome and Giorgio Armani Beauty.

The first one is Julia Restoin-Roitfeld the daughter of French Vogue Editor-in-Chief Carine Roitfeld who’s going to be the new face of Lancome Spring Collection Ultra Lavande. She’s young, she’s fashionable and she’s hip! But what does it tells you when a big name like Lancome chose her? Lancome previous line-up includes big name such as Daria Werbowy, Anne Hathaway, Kate Winslet, Juliet Binoche and *take a deep breath* Julia Roberts! All these women are widely known regardless of their profession. This Julia might be quite well known with the fashion crowd, but if you compare it to Julia Roberts, it’s really quite hard to match! Julia Roberts will certainly grab the interest of bigger audience, hence bigger market.

It’s been said that Lancome has been increasingly raising their presence at the Paris Fashion Week. Could this move means that Lancome wants to appeal more to the fashion crowd and probably the young and the hip like her new face? Who knows for know, but I’m curious by the new collection because next spring it’s all about lavender apparently for Lancome :)

Whereas Giorgio Armani Beauty announced that they will be using Megan Fox as their new face. It might not be a surprise since Megan Fox ads for Armani Jeans and Underwear have been a remarkable image. I think it was just a matter of time before any beauty brand uses her on their campaign. She has a very sexy look and I would probably buy whatever she’s trying to sell me just for the sake of looking like her. If Giorgio Armani Beauty trying to sell me a bronzer with her face on it, I probably will straight away think that I can look like her *hah! Keep dreaming!*. So will this new campaign have the sexy aura written all over it? I guess we’ll just have to wait.

By the way, who’s your favourite beauty brand face and which ad is your favourite? We have a thread to share your favourite beauty brand advertising campaign and they all look good!

*Photo courtesy of and Armani