Their Indonesian Treasure: Lynda Ibrahim

You’ve read her witty review about Sex and the City 2 here. As a long time fan of the In Style magazine, she has written her review about the Indonesian version of the magazine for Fashionese Daily here. Lynda Ibrahim previously contributed for The Sunday Jakarta Post from 2005-2007 under the pseudonym ‘Miss Sassy’. After leaving the corporate world in mid 2007, she continues to write for Jakarta Post under her real name.

It was a difficult task at first for Linda to choose only one items to be featured as her most treasured one. She finally chooses to feature an Indonesian made handbag

“I chose to feature a handbag. It’s made of cloth (tas kain), shaped like a simple yet stylish hobo, and covs wered by traditional Acehnese woven patterns (tenun Aceh). The base is the traditional black velvet, with colorful weaving. The inside lining is powder blue satin. Why I like it, first because it’s a very traditional pattern executed well on such a modern cut– just the perfect mix. The second reason is because it is structured on a soft case, while similar Acehnese handbags are usually formed on a hard case and thus seems outdated. I got it over 5 years ago for about Rp 350,000– surprisingly in Parang Kencana, that is known to be a place for batiks and not Acehnese handicrafts.”

Read Linda’s thought on Made in Indonesia products that she has previously written for Jakarta Post here.