Their Indonesian Treasure: Darwyn Tse

Happy Independence Day everyone!

If  last year, we have a Think Globally Dress Locally project to commemorate this special day, we would like to celebrate it this year by interviewing people in the beauty and fashion industry of their most treasured Indonesian items. Sure, most of us have a batik top or two in our closet, but what is one thing from Indonesia that you hold so dearly as if it was a treasure?

As the first installment, let’s hear it from our favorite makeup artist Darwyn Tse. Even though he grew up outside the country and could hardly speak Indonesian when he returned, Darwyn loves and is proud of his country. He is especially interested in the Javanese culture, traditions and spiritual beliefs and he is an avid collector of Indonesian art and craft from all over the country. This is one of his Indonesian treasures:

“Batik tulis painting about Dewi Sri, the Fertility Goddess. I got this from Kraton Yogya for about IDR 500 thousand. I heart Ibu Pertiwi and this painting is now hanging proudly in my living room.”