Alexa Chung Capsule Collection for Madewell

I’m sure that all of you know who Alexa Chung is, right? Her style is very chic, effortless and fresh. Well the whole concept of celebrity designing capsule collection for some big chain high-street label is not foreign anymore. But to me, the brand Madewell is quite foreign. When I heard that Alexa Chung is going to launch her capsule collection, I thought it will be with one of the usual suspects. Madewell is apparently a sister company of J-Crew and they started their label from making jeans.

If you like Alexa’s style you would probably love this collection. It screams her signature style all over it. You have the denim shirt, shorts, dress with peter pan collar, flowy maxi skirt and jacket. If it’s not enough you can also find the brown leather belt that feels like a vintage find.

The shoes, I must say are fabulous! Broques, desert boot with stacked heels and strappy sandals. And not to forget the one shoes that have been branded as must-have – clogs!

I’m almost convinced that I should be wearing shorts with tights everywhere. For a moment there, I forgot that I didn’t have a slim long leg like hers *envy*

*photos courtesy of Fashionologie & Refinery29