Accessorizing the Black Dress

I didn’t get the chance to really rest during the weekend. We have the RoC Beautifull at Every Stage event on Saturday and on Sunday I went for Kids Fashion Festival. It’s a very entertaining afternoon with the kids dominating the runway and they’re really cute and expressive. The shows were held on time, because I’m sure if you make the little models wait too long they will loose their mood.

Pardon my messy hair. I really don’t have the energy to tend to it. Like always, if I don’t know what to wear, I always ended up with the black dress. I throw in my scarf that I wore as a neck piece to give it a bit of colour (and to show that I put a little bit of effort into my look :p ). I really think that scarf is one thing that all women should have, because they’re so versatile. It can turn a boring outfit into something more exciting. It can be worn casually or for more formal outfit.

  • Dress: Zara
  • Bag: Longchamp
  • Shoes: Zara
  • Scarf: Hermes
  • Bracelet: Biyan

And to my horror … most of the store at Plaza Indonesia are putting on Final Sale sign in front of the store. I was tempted, but I try to restrain myself from buying anything. But I still left Plaza Indonesia with one shopping bag eventhough it’s not for me. I bought Raysa two tops from Little Heirloom :)