The Aftermath of a War According to KLe

KLe, a brand made by designer Kleting Titis Wigati, who graduated from Istituo Marangoni in Milan, Italy showcased her Fall/Winter Collection 2010/2011 on late July at the Blu Martini, JW Mariott Hotel Jakarta.

Her new design called “The Aftermath” inspired by the effects of the World War II such as economic expansion, postwar recovery difficulties, and renewed conflict lingered on for years afterward. These factors have changed the way people express themselves on fashion and through this collection KLe wants to depict those circumstances.

The collection is dominated by dark and shadowy graphic, solid simple colours such as black, grey and white. You’ll see a lot of narrow high waist, fabric layering, flowy feminine dress, voluminous and soft rounder shoulder as well as dark and shadowy graphic that vividly depicted the postwar situation.

That night the bar at the Blu Martini was turned into a runway. The model walked up and down the bar in their high heels. The makeup the models used were mostly dominated with red lips. If last season we saw variations of pastel coloured corsage necklace, this time the necklace is more subtle. It looks like it consists of two interlinked scarves which gives a nice touch to the collection that are dominated by muted colours.
Considering the economic situation during the post-war era, you can see that the pieces on her collection can be worn separately or layered against each other.