We Have the Winners for Clinique Thirst Relief Contest!

The Clinique Thirst Relief Contest has finally come to an end and we have so many participants! Too bad we only have 15 jars of Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief to give away. Don’t worry too much though, as we still have many contests ahead for the Female Daily members! It was tough for us to decide the winners for this contest since many of you give us interesting answers as to why you choose that specific articles as your favourite. It was a very insightful information for us.

Without further ado, here are the winners of the Clinique Thirst Relief Contest:

  1. Desy Chan
  2. Boogie
  3. Pink_Vatra
  4. Moniccha’s
  5. Erweniati
  6. Lemona.de
  7. Mariana
  8. Wearthatsmile
  9. Pheebee
  10. Nanalicious
  11. mamita
  12. missajeng
  13. lemonyyellow
  14. b1ttersweet_cho
  15. rizkanita

The prize can be collected at Clinique counter in Plaza Senayan from 1- 8 August 2010.

For all the winners, please email us the below said details to contest@fashionesedaily.com :

  • Nick Name & Real Name
  • Mobile Phone No
  • Valid ID No (KTP/SIM)

We will furnish you with further details to pick up your gifts.

Enjoy your new moisturizer that will surely never let your skin thirsty again! :)