EuroTrip: Bonjour, Paris!

Day 1

Second city I visited was the fashion capital. We arrived there around 6 PM and since our hotel is within walking distance to Eiffel, we took a stroll there and relaxing at Champ De Mars (The park lining up to the tower). We also let the kids played the merry go around just across the tower. Since Paris didn’t get dark until 10 o’clock at night,  we had plenty of time enjoying the area when the sun was still up.

The Eiffel tower is obviously  grand and magnificent, I think my heart skipped a beat at the first glimpse of it, I was in PARIS!!. Too bad it was overly crowded at that time that made the experience wasn’t as dreamy as I had imagined it to be :D (Btw, I didn’t know that the steel is in gorgeous brownish color, I always thought it was silver!)

Taken by the Seine river just across Eiffel tower. Here you can board the Siene river cruise, take a walk along the river or eat in the outdoor cafes. Imagine living in one of those rows of apartment with panoramic view of both Seine river and Eiffel tower!

  • Primark top
  • Charles & Keith sunglasses Day Two
    Back at the tower again. This time was in the morning so it was less crowded.

  • Geulis batik top. This top is reversible, a must bring for travel.
  • H&M earrings
  • Seine river runs through Paris so the city has so many beautiful bridges

    Today we also went to Notre Dame, Grand Palais, Galeries Lafayette and meeting the FDers, Ayu & Sisi at Champs Elysees, an avenue filled with stores and cafes!. We actually met at Louis Vuitton flagship store (I had to change Jehan’s diaper..:p). Sisi couldn’t stay long so we parted ways in one of the alleys in Champs Elysees.

    • H&M Skirt and the rest is the same shoes and bag I’ve been wearing.

    Look at Sisi and Ayu, their style is the typical casual chic Parisian. Simple clothes, solid colors/simple stripes, designer bag, no make up, hair in a messy bun or casually tossed around.  After that, Ayu and I walked up to Arc De Triomph and took the metro to the Louvre.

    I’m glad Ayu took me to the Louvre from the passageway of the museum as it made for a breathtaking entrance seeing the beaming pyramid from the empty and underlit tunnel. And favorite moment was when we dipped our aching feet in one of the fountains. Ayu also brought some cherries and peaches and stashed them inside her Balenciaga, so we were munching on them while catching up on the latest gossips under the starry sky..:D. We were there until eleven and then called it a night.

    Day three
    Today, we got to experience the different side of Paris. The side that I LOVE the most because honestly, up until this day I wasn’t too crazy about Paris. The city fell short of my expectation. Sure it houses many majestic architectural buildings and historical site with its stunning river and bridges but I didn’t know that it also come with crazy traffic jam, pushy street vendors and many beggars and homeless walking around. It also didn’t help that the beautiful city is noticeably dirty. I found dog poop and litters everywhere :(.  I know, it’s a mouthful to call other city dirty for someone who lives in Jakarta. But since I went there straight from London, the difference is apparent.  I mean I escaped from Jakarta certainly not to experience the same kind of thing that can be found here you know :D.

    Anyway, thanks to Montmartre hill that wrapped up my Paris trip beautifully. I went there by bus and walked all the way up instead of taking  the lift because honestly, I didn’t know there was one :D. But I was glad I walked because had I took the easy way, I would miss the beautiful old village leading up to the Basilica with its French chic houses. The area has small, cobblestones narrow streets lined up with patiserries with its fresh baked smell of croissant, creperies and small cafes on each side. Next to it is Place du Tertre, a square where there are many street painters and street musicians. It’s such a charming place!.

    In front of one of the creperies

    • Sole Mio linen dress
    • Little Things She Needs gladiator sandals
    • Charles & Keith nylon bag
    • H&M earrings

    Basilica of the Sacre Coeur

    The breathtaking view of Paris from the stairs of the Basilica. I could just stand there and watch the world goes by (This picture doesn’t do it justice!)

    On my way back to the hotel, we drove past the iconic Chanel boutique and apartment at 31 Rue Cambon. Wish I could stop by there and bring home one or two Chanel haul…:p

    Being  a fashion capital, you would naturally think you’d see the latest trend everywhere in Paris. But Parisian definitely has their own style that can’t be bothered with trends. I only caught a handful of people wearing all the latest trend from the runway and the display of the high street brands.  I guess they are content with simple but good quality clothes that fit well, monochromatic colors, natural make up with bold lips, and either flats or killer heels. I wonder how they manage to stay polish despite the heat. Paris was hot when I was there and something that was such a surprise to me was the fact that they rarely used air conditioner. Many apartments and office buildings don’t have air conditioner installed. Even most of the restaurants (and fast food joint) and stores I’ve been to didn’t have one, except for Louis Vuitton and Sephora (I didn’t go to too many stores). No wonder people like to sit outside there and they like it facing the road for people-watching. By the way, the hot and sweating condition  reminds me about the rumor on why perfume was invented in France, they say it’s because they were always sweating there and smelled bad..LOL.

    And oh, it’s true that Paris is expensive. It’s even more expensive than London even though it has higher currency.

    Anyway, that’s my take on Paris. I found it surprising too that I’m not head over heels with it. I might be the odd one here because everyone seems to have Paris as one of their most favorite cities. Maybe I have to stay there longer. But when I make my way back to France,  I would rather visit the countryside, especially the southern part.

    Next up: Barcelona report